Step 3: Order SKY Index Professional v7.0?

A note about your order

A comprehensive User's Guide is included in the download in PDF format. It can be accessed by choosing Help>User's Guide.

Download (I would like to download the program)

If you choose this method of delivery, you will be given a URL where you can download the program and your registration number (needed for installation) will be emailed to you. You will not receive a printed manual or the installation CD, but you will receive the manual in PDF format. You will also avoid shipping and handling charges.

Note: We will not provide a refund for this program under any circumstance. Please try our free demo prior to ordering to make sure the program suits your needs.

The cost for your purchase will be:

Professional Edition: $579
Total Cost: $579

Are you Upgrading?  Eligible for a discount?

If you are upgrading or wish to apply an applicable discount to your purchase, you must call or contact us through email so that we can confirm you qualify for the upgrade or discount. See Ordering.