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"I changed from another dedicated indexing program to Sky Index Professional in July 2001 and immediately noticed that not only was I completing indexes significantly quicker (52% to be precise!), but I was enjoying the process a lot more, because Sky is so easy to learn and so intuitive. Since then, Sky has been continually enhanced – a process which is ongoing. It’s just a joy to use." (Nigel in West Sussex)

"While I was still using another indexing program, my wife decided that she wanted to learn how to index, so I mentored her. The program I was using has a pretty steep learning curve, and she was having real trouble "getting" how it works. I decided that SKY Index would be much easier for her to learn, so I started using it in order to teach her. 

After the initial adaptation I discovered that ... somehow working in SKY Index was much less stressful. Part of that is the aesthetic beauty of the program, part is the excellent AutoComplete feature, but largely it's because the way that SKY Index works makes sense in a way that is lucid, elegant, and directly matched to the indexing process. ... It requires less keyboarding and less repetition in order to create and manipulate entries -- part of its cerebral quality, for lack of a better word. I had begun to develop a repetitive motion syndrome (carpal tunnel) and that disappeared with SKY Index. The way SKY Index works is actually kind of fun for me. Indexing is hard work, but using SKY Index is a pleasure." (Ty in Arizona) Read the full testimonial...

"I've written dozens of indexes using SKY Index Version 6 and now Version 7, and I'm still finding the process a real pleasure with this software. SKY Index does everything I need to do easily, with my special favourite features being the well-designed user interface with data grid and preview pane, and the multiple labeling options in V.7.  But the very best feature is not technical at all -- it is the fact that you monitor the users' listserve so closely and answer all inquiries with lightning speed. For us freelancers working alone, it is really comforting to know that you are there to help solve any panic-inducing problem that may crop up." (Judith in British Columbia)

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm wrapping up the most complex index that I've ever worked on and I've been an indexer for a long time. Before taking a needed break, I sent Kamm an email a few hours ago seeking a solution for a custom aspect of this project. When I returned, the solution was waiting patiently in my email queue.

I've rarely asked for support because Sky Index Professional is such an exceptionally friendly product to use. However, when I've needed help, Kamm has provided extraordinary and extremely timely assistance.

I'll focus on wrapping up that complex index now, with much more peace of mind about how to edit it efficiently and send it on its merry way. I figured if Kamm could reply to an email on a Sunday afternoon, I could stop what I was doing to show some appreciation. (Valerie in Oakland)

I just finished my first index with the v.7 upgrade.  I just had to email and say thank you!  Lots of great improvements, but the editing mode alone is worth the price.  I used to print out the index, edit with red ink, flipping back and forth to check double posting, then enter all the changes into Sky.  The editing mode cut that time at least in half.  It was a tight turn around project so the time saved was extra valuable. 

The videos are also extremely helpful.  Thank you for such a great product. (Sonya in Stroh)


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