SKY Index Professional 7.0 Demo

NOTE: This is not a demo version of the new SKY Index Pro 8.0. A Trial version of SKY Index Pro 8.0 is anticipated around May 1st of 2017.

Click the link below to download the SKY Index Professional demo. The total size of the demo is approximately 17 MB. The demo version of SKY Index retains most of the features of the Professional Edition. Some of the more notable differences are:

  • You can enter a maximum of 500 records

  • The Merge function is disabled

  • The spellchecker is disabled

 For more detailed information about SKY Index Professional, click here.

Demo Setup file

>>> Click here to Download <<<

Note: After downloading, run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.

User's Guide

The User's Guide in PDF format is included in the above download. You can access the User's Guide by choose Help>User's Guide after installing the program. Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat or an equivalent PDF viewer installed on your computer in order to view the manual.

Having difficulty downloading or installing the demo?

Most installation issues are a result of an incomplete download (even though no error message is encountered during the download) and are normally resolved by simply re-downloading the program and attempting the installation again. Unfortunately, when a download problem occurs, sometimes it is persistent and requires several download attempts to succeed. If you have a persistent download problem that you cannot resolve through several download attempts, you may receive the demo in one of these alternative ways:

  1. We can email the demo to you. You must have an email account that will accept attachments of up to 16 MB in size and will accept ZIP archives that contain an executable file. Please note that many free commercial email accounts such as Gmail will not accept attachments with executable files inside.
  2. If you live in the USA, we can mail a demo CD to you for the cost of postage and handling. If you wish to receive the demo in this manner, please call SKY Software sales.
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