Student Discount FAQ

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Information you may want to know about student discounts

Below is information related to student discounts for SKY Index Professional Edition.

What is a student discount?

A student discount is a credit that eligible students get when purchasing SKY Index Professional Edition.

How much is the student discount?

The student discount is a credit of $80 toward the purchase of SKY Index Professional Edition.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes. The discount can only be applied to the full price lifetime license of SKY Index Professional Edition 8.0 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount unless SKY Software specifically says it can. You can never receive more than one student discount.

Who is eligible for a student discount?

Most popular indexing courses are eligible for a student discount. Below is a list of the courses that are eligible. If your course is not listed, please have your instructor contact us. We may decide to include your course. Only indexing courses that cost the student a minimum of $300 dollars are eligible. One or two day workshops are generally not eligible for a student discount. Please call to determine eligibility if you are unsure.

How can I get the student discount?

Before ordering, you will need to ask for the discount. In order to receive the student discount, you will have to provide proof that you are taking one of the eligible courses or have taken one of them within the prior six months. We may ask you to fax or mail the appropriate proof of purchase. After receiving proof of eligibility, we'll send you an email with a link that will allow you to purchase the program through PayPal and receive your student discount. Please note that you do not have to have a PayPal account to order. All you need is a credit card.

When does the discount end?

There is no specific time for this offer to end, but we reserve the right to end the discount at any time and for any reason.

Eligible indexing courses

American Society for Indexing (Training in Indexing)
Dalhousie University, (Indexing and Abstracting)
Graduate School, USDA (Basic Indexing, Applied Indexing)
Index West (Kari Kells, instructor), classes and tutorials
Middlesex Community College (Seth Maislin, instructor)
New South Wales branch of ANZSI (Intermediate/Practical Indexing Course)
Society of Indexers (Training in Indexing)
University of California, Berkeley extension

Still have questions?

For more information, please call the SKY Software sales department at: (540) 751-4336 or write to us at

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