Endorsement of SKY Index Professional

I have been using SKY Index Professional since the fall of 1996. It has grown into a robust, sophisticated indexing program that will meet the needs of professional indexers. In addition to the basic features I expect to see in professional indexing software, SKY Index Professional provides tools for error-checking and proofing that can be used to enhance index quality. Anyone familiar with the Windows environment should be able to start writing indexes immediately. The thoughtful design of this program has significantly reduced the high learning curve associated with professional indexing software.

SKY Index Professional capitalizes on the Windows environment by allowing for many different views of the index. Indexes can be imported from a wide variety of formats. Several export formats are available as well as a user-defined format. Touch typists will be pleased with the Keyboard Shortcuts. Index options such as sorting and cross-reference format and placement are easy to set up. While you work on your index, the Preview Pane shows you exactly how the index will appear.

Beginning indexers will find that SKY Index Professional is easy to get started with. Experienced indexers will find the program able to handle many demanding requirements of clients. Indexes can be output to common word processors like Word, Lotus Word Pro, and WordPerfect. It is also easy to prepare ANSI/NISO, RTF, and HTML files. SKY Index Professional not only has lots of bells and whistles, it is fun to use. I can easily recommend this program to any indexer who wants to work with a true Windows indexing program.

Nancy Mulvany

Printed with the permission of Nancy Mulvany.
Nancy is a well known and respected professional indexer and author of the authoritative book Indexing Books published by The University of Chicago Press.

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